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  1. ridin wit dat super soakah lookin for you fuccin jokahzzzzz. I approach em with that mac 90 lookinnnn grimeyyyyy ridin by myself with my goonzz behind me
  3. sup girllll. You lookin mighty cute in them jeans!
  4. Shhhhhiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttt CUHHHHHHH! i C what you did tharrrrrr. I'm hella bored, wass craccin?
  5. Haha, that'd hurt like "dicc".

    See what I did there?
  6. Get Pinay tattoo'd on your dicc. Then take a pic and send it to me cuhhhh!

    and thanks, yeah I have quite a few tats. I guess you could say i'm not your average "mmo" player. C ME IN C ME OUT
  7. I've actually thought about getting a tattoo for a while now...

    but I don't know what I want, haha.

    It looks nice, btw. :P
  8. A tattoo. It's a dragon.
  9. What's that on your arm?
  10. oh god your avatar is epic.
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