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  1. I can loan you some money if you want.
  2. Yep I am they took all my money too.. even the money I made myself LOL Guess I deserved it.
  3. Unbanned from Aion yet?
  4. Yeah it does suck Right before 2.5 too.... Hmm I suspect they did a mas banning. Thankfully its not perma ban for me. I guess because it was such a small amount they let me off with a warning and just a suspension . Hopefully nobody in the legion got perma banned.
  5. That sucks . At least it's only a 3 day suspension though. Hope you get back soon. I don't think you're the only one though, most of the legion has been oddly MIA today.
  6. I wasn't planning on staying in Aion for long so about at lvl 12 or 13 I did rmt for about 10 mill. I completely forgot about it because it wasn't a huge amount of money. Now that im lvl 35 they suspend my account I regret it because I actually like the game. Never doing that again : /
  7. What happened?
  8. I'm an idiot. My aion account is suspended for 3 days : / dont lvl to far ahead of me in this time lol
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