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  1. Omg, I think I am. :O <3
  2. Zomf ur back? <3
    Omg. xD That bed looks... Interesting.
  4. Yeahhh (L)
    Had to finish cleaning my room yesterday
    I called my parents with like
    "So how long till you come back home"
    and they were like
    "We'll be home in about 5 minutes"

    I was like OH SHIT
    cuz this was my bed

    So I had to clean that shit up, and I was drunk as hell, and my parents were like 'Okaayyy" when they came home.

    Poor me Q_Q
  5. Aww. :[
    Come over here, I'll give you a little head massage!
  6. God I've got a fukkin headache
  7. Craa-craa!
  8. *wakes up*
  9. Bzzzzzzzzzzz!
  10. Hurrr

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