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  1. You can add me on MSN/Skype/xFire/Steam too, if you want.
  2. hey is there a way i can try a month free?
  3. okay thanks man. i started off with an assasin/riftwalker/blade dancer, but i really liked the begining storyline so i remade a char one more time as the guardian side. I'm thinking of just grabbing the game. does the digital copy on amazon come with a timecard?
  4. Honestly, just play.
    There is so much to do in the game, and it's a shame that they only give a 7 day trial instead of a 14 day trial. I suggest you just take your time, forget the 7 days. And explore, quest, and pvp.
    The game rewards exploration, there are chests hidden in mountains and other hard to get spots, which reward you with awesome gear for your level, achievements, and titles. Every zone also has it's own puzzle. The quests are pretty fun, of course it's do this kill that bring this. But every zone has it's own storyline, the stories are cool, and fun. The stories get better as you level, especially the lev 40-50 zones have kickass stories. The fun thing is the clases, when you pick a class there are 8 sub-classes which you can switch between. So you can make the build that suits you best (I use Assassin/Bladedancer/Rifstalker for leveling and Assassin/Marksman/Riftstalker for PvP)
  5. hey i always wanted to jump into rift, but i never had the chance to do it. after seeing your ss, i think ill try the 7day free trial for now.
    i was wondering if you can give me a heads up on how i can make the most out of the 7 days they give you!. thanks in advance ^-^
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