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  1. By the way, which server are you on? I noticed there's 2, the one with red words in a bracket and the one with yellow words in the bracket
  2. yeeahh, it's honestly recommended to plan your build out. This game seems to punish people that build without planning, especially when it comes to skills because they only get better exponentially. so from level 1-5 they usually suck save for a select few skills and even from level 6-10 some still suck and they only start to shine at level 11 (except for a few skills, which IMO will always suck unless changed. A big example is the acid/virus move for Injectors which while it deals decent upfront damage at max level, the 40s DoT afterwards is not worth it since most zombies die before the DoT can finish)
  3. Oooh thanks. This actually gives rise to a variety of builds ;O
  4. For stats it goes:
    Str (+1 to max and min damage)
    Agi (+4 to evade and hit rate)
    Concentrate[?] (+1 to crit rate I thiinnkk)
    Stam (+20 HP, +2 HP natural regen, +somethin to defense)
    Int (+10 EP, +1 EP natural regen, +somethin to something I have no idea what it is)

    Also the food you chose at the character create screen determines what extra bonuses you get on leveling up.
    Cigs give you a bonus to min and max damage
    Beer gives you a bonus to defense
    Coffee gives you a bonus to hit rate and evade
    Gum gives you bonus critical hit rate
    Soda gives you bonus HP, HP regen, EP, EP regen
  5. Nah, I kinda mess up my stats build since I got no idea what to pump in so I did 1 to each to see what jumped up ~_~
  6. eehh, keep one in GEBA (Blue) and one in Bloodseeker (Red). I'm just on the Bloodseeker side since that's where most ONRPGers are playing.
  7. Oh, guess I'll reroll on the Bloodseeker side(I'm guessing its the red color'd one?) later.
  8. it wants you to set up a phone number. Hit P, select the button that looks like phone buttons, type in a random 7-digit number, and hit the button to the left of the Back button and above the Phone button. If it works you should see your phone number in green on that little window now. Otherwise someone else is already using that 7-digit combination.

    if ya want more help, I can stay on my Injector a little longer and phone you. Or you can phone me at 088-0303. I'm a Bloodseeker though, so I can't phone GEBA players.
  9. Nah, I'm wondering about this weird question you get at the beginning. It seems like it wants me to do something with the phone or something.
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