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  1. newgameway is reliable, I bought a tera and c9 account there too

    they are legit and legal
  2. I dont think I can get someones KSSN being here in the US. I dont have many Asian friends in the gaming community. However, i saw a guy posting this site "" and selling Mythos accounts for $8. I was thinking of purchasing one but i was not sure how credible the site was.

    Is there any other way around it?
  3. check my thread or get a kssn with 14-19 age and I make u account for free
  4. So there is no way for me to get signed up huh?
  5. you need a kssn between 14-19 years for register
  6. Hey Charly...

    I somehow stumbled across the client download for Mythos on the Korean site and am downloading it now. I tried registering but there is no way to get around it. I have no clue what is written and i tried to type all the different fields in. Can you help?
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