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  1. cool, here's the link ^^
  2. Sure

  3. I'm busy with my own forum, wanna see?
  4. Aerobella, Null, Jackarius, and myself are remaking the Bloody Rose RP thread, feel free to join us again.
  5. oh lol my username is Angel/Light (that's my admin name anyways so that's the one I use for PMing and stuff) I'm also BlackRose, Arista and a bunch of others (since I have a bunch of characters) and I wrote this just for people who were confused about the site
  6. Lol i never said i was leaving what's your username on there?? also, can you make me a character sheet, only because its a bit confusing to me
  7. it's not all that different... just instead of different threads for each RP and just an RPG section, we have sections for each kingdom and it's 1 big story... PLZ COME BACK!!!! ;-;
  8. lol Aero, i might have to read through the whole sight carefully.... I'm not really used to that type of layout on a RP forums, only this 1 :P
    and now I will bug-- *cough* ask you nicely to join the dark side
    'cause we have cookies!!!!!
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