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  1. I was hoping he would pull something out of Monaco last weekend. A relatively good qualifying for him (albeit at Perez's expense) meant he could have secured a podium finish. His first since his return.

    Very enjoyable race though. One of the best Monaco races I have ever seen.
  2. not going to happen id say. hes got the experience but hes not 25 anymore. people forget the work it took both him and jean todt, brawn and the rest to get ferrari to become an unstoppable charger instead of just a prancing horsey. i cant see that happening again, but vettel and nico are the promising germans. (i try to avoid saying the "new schumacher")
  3. Over a year since his return I still long for an incredible comeback..
  4. NEIN! but he can teach nico something.
  5. Schumacher y/n?
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