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  1. Me too.

  2. I miss the days you constantly asked me out on a date and I so humbly refused.
  3. c:

  4. I demand to get a different titel. I am not Doll's Dishwasher. Get someone else! I am King!
  5. cause i have a phone cam and it's touch screen and hard to press the button and whip around to take a picture of my face so i just do it in the mirror and it's always in the same hand and not at some funktastic myspace angle. D;
  6. Why are your pics always the same? I always wanted to ask that, but was scared of the monster hiding beneath your bed.
  7. you liar@both. you did miss me i h8 u etxlgjrxlhdl D:< D:< D:< D:<D:D<D>D:D<D:<D:D<D
    i just woke up.
  8. Who said I missed you? I just thought you died! Bwahahahahaha. *Evil laugh* Anyway, they asked me to be a mod while you were gone, I refused. Shiz been busy.
  9. i moved into college dorms and shiz's been busy. :c
    i miss you too!
  10. I thought you died O.O
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