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  1. Alright, I'm kinda busy today but I'll check it out ASAP
  2. Well it's non canon so that cuts out all that sort of thing. I believe I explained some of the ninja tools on the first page. Also You may want to look up what Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuinjutsu, and Genjutsu are. Oh and Chakra, but that shouldn't take very much time. Just go to Naruto Wiki
  3. i would totally join your Naruto rpg except i have never watched the series and i have no background understanding of what happened or anything of the sorts lol
  4. Hey I would like to invite you to join my Naruto RP! You can totally come if you want! I need more people and I don't want it to die!
  5. Really? Hadn't noticed ;P. This will be fun. When writing my first post I realized Naomi's biggest flaw. I was like oh c*ap... Haha oh well you'll see it in there.
  6. Haha I love that movie!! It's loosely based off the movie, I basically just stole half the powers lol
  7. Coolio. I'll escape I suppose. Haha I'm watching Push right now. Coolest Shadow ever! Haha bye bye building.
  8. That sounds fine by me :] and I'll have it that your mother is trying to push me to find you, but it's your decision if your escaped or not, either is fine by me ^^
  9. Sorry I did this here. The site wont let me send a PM.

    Which would you prefer to Role Play? Rescue her or she escapes too? I'm cool with either one. Also I wanted to ask about if I could have two other side characters. Naomi's brother and mother. Her mother is an expert pusher and her brother is a really good Shadow. They wont appear until much later in the roleplay. Her mother will try to guide Naomi by pushing her from afar. Her mother is locked up in some Division facility that Naomi can't find and possibly her mother doesn't want her to. Her brother is a free man who is good at getting in places he isn't wanted. The Division doesn't like that, hehe.
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