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  1. orite, finals! Good luck! c:
  2. I'm actually dead because finals and I have an exam in like 3 hours and ohgod why am I here.
  3. GREED, you're alive!
  4. Well a couple of days ago I was trying not to get rioted on.
  5. Holy carp. London, England? Mannn, what's you doing ovar thar?
  6. Yeah I moved away to London for Uni D:
  7. All grown up? Pfft. Last time I checked, you were only a year older than me.
    AND, you used to live under my bed! One day I tried to look for you under there.. but you disappeared.
  8. wahh you're in uni? Dang all grown up
  9. Oh wow, Uni already started for you? Good luck!
    I'll be starting... in.. uhh.. 9 days!
  10. Not really; I drop in once or twice but busy with uni.
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