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  1. LOL. YES. Sorry, I don't get any notifications for visitor messages X.X
  2. LOL thats more accurate.
  3. This one was too good to pass up

  5. Ugh, sorry, I didn't notice your post on my visitor board for a long seems it doesn't alert me anymore. LAME. Anyway, I don't use Spotify since my laptop broke :c But I still use my facebook if you wanna link me in a PM
  6. Brainsick, tick, tick, tick MF blow it up.
  7. Yo Oister. I remember you asking me a while back if I had Spotify. My friend moved away so I only just now got a Facebook to keep in touch with her. Got Spotify as well, and I'm really digging it. If you still use it, I can shoot you a PM with, not really sure. My Facebook? Haha, still dunno how this stuff works.
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