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  1. Alright now, I really really miss you.
    You silly little piece of sweetness, come back! <3
  2. What? Meowy is leaving us?
    I'll miss you very much <3 You're always making me smile.

  3. hi, i made up my mind about quiting onrpg, it was a very very very boring forum with little activity and the more the days go by gay mods are added into the moderation team whee! and i don't think i want to see anymore of that, Good bye! - meow T_T

  4. Yeh, i has Candy's numbah aswell.
  5. i saw youtube's msn i mean you's msn on candy's compooties! D:
  6. Ahwell, wish I could help =[
  7. i am up the craze feel because i can't find a working proxy program excluding your freedom, hamachi, aol and hotspot shield T_T i want to party and pvp in dfo
  8. Never mind!
    What are you up to, love?
  9. i can't see nothing o.0
  10. *mrr*

    Then I'll be nothing.
    Is that better? =[
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