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  1. isn't thur a way to keep in tooouch
  2. Hi, cutiest mod of all times~

    im here to tell you that im quiting onrpg, it was nice to talk to you and see many of your pictures on picture threads. i dont feel like i belong on this forum anymore.. good bye dollie!
  3. popply popafter the popings go popper of the popking is the poped o.0
  4. bby = bubble bullet you
  5. hay bby! lulululul.
  6. hi pudding, you flirtin with jam? :o
  7. Eye R C U ABATOR! D:< Q-twonessu~! *huggles*
  8. how rude, doll wont die, doll is my doll of life! D:<
  9. i feel my tailbone!! EEEEP~~~~ help >_____________<!?!!? what do i do what do i do eeeeeeeeeeeeek im getting a tail ewwwwwwwww no way eeeeeeeeeeep~!!!!! >.<
  10. ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh dream about meowy and doll kissing! ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
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