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  1. Come baaaaaack
  2. Wow, there's no reason to get banned for posting a picture from Pokemon Snap, it's completely ridiculous, you should probably PM a higher-up and tell them, and you don't need to talk to me here, you can talk to me on Xfire
  3. Cingal, for posting pokemon snap picture

    it was a boring forum with little activity and the more the days go by gay mods are added into the moderation team whee! and i don't think i want to see anymore of that, Good bye! - meow T_T

    i loved talking to you :'(
  4. Who the hell banned you
  5. you know, you'll always be armpitman because that penguin also has armpits and you never know how furry it is because you can just feel the armpitness within the name you have. o.0
  6. my butt hurts and now its even hot my chair is burning my butt what the but butt why damn
  7. honey say hi when you visit
  8. i beat the shit out of zero because zero was like making fun of my dfo download speed for going 100kbs ( download managers crashes dfo window so i can't use it to download..) wahhhhhhhhhhh T_T SNIFF SOB CRRRRRRY WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAH
  9. i came here and wanted to eat spam damn it why the 15 seconds to try again for a please word
  10. Low slow day what
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