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  1. A job and school... those are unimportant!!!

    haha, but seriously, nice bro. Junior year of High school has so little work, and I don't really need a job yet(Or at least one out of the internet) xD
  2. It's been awhile but ya. got me a job and school...
  3. ... never again.

    I missed you <3

    But seriously lol, why have you been gone for so long??
  4. sup broski
  5. Thanks My first review will be on the cooliest game ever, KillHannah! xD
  6. Congratulations!!
  7. Well, 1. Because i own you!! But 2. For real, I am going to start doing writing/(trying to mainly)video reviews for onrpg :P Also, how come you have not been on LoL in forever!! I miss my yelling buddy (
  8. How come ur name is all yellow?
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