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  1. A job and school... those are unimportant!!!

    haha, but seriously, nice bro. Junior year of High school has so little work, and I don't really need a job yet(Or at least one out of the internet) xD
  2. It's been awhile but ya. got me a job and school...
  3. ... never again.

    I missed you <3

    But seriously lol, why have you been gone for so long??
  4. sup broski
  5. Thanks :3 My first review will be on the cooliest game ever, KillHannah! xD
  6. Congratulations!!
  7. Well, 1. Because i own you!! But 2. For real, I am going to start doing writing/(trying to mainly)video reviews for onrpg :P Also, how come you have not been on LoL in forever!! I miss my yelling buddy (
  8. How come ur name is all yellow?
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