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  1. Thank you. I have never used AIM and the last time I used PM for moderation advice, it resulted in epic failure. Thank you for reading. Before I write my thesis I will submit it to you since you are intelligent enough to understand my long blathering nonsense

    And the last time I talked about justice on a forum board was when I exposed a site admin for electing moderators via quality of their naked pictures. Which... resulted in me being banned. So even if nothing gets done, discussing this is incredible imo. thanks.
  2. What is the point of rules if they are not enforced?

    Edit1: Especially in regards to repeat-violators?
    Edit 2: Made accusative and speculative remarks regarding forum board policies.
    Edit 3: Paraded as hero of justice.
    Edit 4: Pointless commentary on reason behind infraction.

    Reason for deletion: Got a great response.
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