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  1. Well, you post your bio (by the way, there is a character sheet that allows you to choose whether you want to play the part of one of the listed races/dragon or one of the listed races + dragon) and have it approved before RPing.
  2. btw, do i have to get approval before posting a bio?
  3. sounds great. I'll take a look, thanks for telling me
  4. Hi. :x Um, since I have RPed with you in Fantasy RPs, I am assuming you like them, right? If you do, would you like to join a RP forum that includes fantasy creatures ranging from dragons to unicorns and fantasy beings ranging from vampires to elves? There are many kingdoms to choose from, but the main ones are the Light and Dark Kingdoms, which are currently at war with one another after the previous war ended with both sides losing. Your character can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it stays within the realm of fantasy. If you want to join, please do the following:
    Go to Realms of War (top) --> Rules and then Important Facts
    Then scroll down to the bottom to find the OOC Section --> Character References
    Here is the link:
    Thank you for reading this. I hope you join, but if you can't, that's okay. We'll try to find people wou want to participate somehow. o-o
  5. I posted on The Black Rose Tavern RP.

    I love how it started out as a simple tavern RP into a complex RP about royalty, lies, and trickery. :o We totally reversed what the RP was supposed to be about, and there are only the three of us RPing on it now. xD

    Has it snowed where you live? :o
  6. Try posting in The Specials RP once in awhile, kay?
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