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  1. Haven't had net lately, not that it matters but...

    Happy Belated Birthday Yayi.

  2. From our msn convo:

    (10:58) MrTingTing: I just finished both sites t.t
    (11:00) Xiu Ying: xD
    (11:00) Xiu Ying: Both~?


    I don't think there's more to add.
  3. of course. i saw you in cloud 9 all week ^^ and i have a tool that shows who deleted/blocked you on msn :]
  4. Hey. D: I got your message on MSN. I didn't block you at all. I just haven't been on at all this week. </3
    Don't be mad with meee. Dx
  5. Oi why're you calling me a betch? o.o
  6. dumbass *****
  7. o xiu where art thou @.@
  8. Bish now you ditched me.
  9. You!!!!!!! Went offline right after you msg'd me ):
  10. I miss you. ):
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