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  1. Yo Ho'

  2. Deez Nuts?
  3. Busy with DN! >: (
  4. Awwww D; Yall still friends though right. Then again wtf am I even talking about I don't live in damn...wherever that was you live in Europe (Sweden or some shit rite) lets play HON to turn my depression into rage at the feeder nub on our team.
  5. she's actually just a friend. lmao.
  6. So liek daaawg I was totally in some random *** thread and I saw some pic (This was a while ago) And like it was you and your sister. Dayum son hook a nigga up.
  7. spellthief lollll.
  8. What was your IGN agen? =.=;
  9. Gawd your such a nub but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt or whatever.

    But yeah...You know you can check your notifications right >_> Just click that...thing near top right corner and like scroll down then when you see it click the little button in top left and approve or whatever.
  10. It never came through since i wasn't online, you.
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