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  1. no seriously, people say windslayer and latale and ghost online was a damn maple clone but jesus christ it was actually wonderking being a maple clone
  2. Lmao, btw, that was on pourpose ofc -.-! Trying to point out what ever game that is looks exactly like MS in the mage town.
  3. Hehe,no problem, always like to help in terms of WOW. But beware, ingame bloodelves sometimes look kinda gay (male ones ofcourse). But if you like them, go ahead! WOW is great!
  4. thanks for your kind description about paladins, now im getting alot more interested in wow! if i ever get to play the game i would like to play blood elves because they look pretty ^.^; if you don't mind i would like to befriend you~ thanks for everything!
  5. They are an allround class.
    Holy Paladins are healers. They are very good in 2on2 arena teams with a Deathknight for example. They all focus on healing the other member wich will destroy the team.
    In PVE they are one of the best single target healers.
    Ret paladins are High dps dealers. They are good In battleground but not taken very often in Arenas.
    Protection paladins are not a pvp class, they cant really kill anyone in PVP. They are the PVE tanks, and are very good at it.
    All in all Paladin is a very good PVE class and a good PVP class, especially Holy pala.
  6. how are paladins in wow? i just saw your sig and wanted to know if you have had a pvp experiance with it ( i never played it before >.< )
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