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  1. Roll to Dodge has updated! Please keep posting!
  2. Thanks a bunch for the sticky Xeno ^^. The RP progresses slowly so don't fret if there's no activity in a week or two(or more) at times. The group is still active even if the thread itself isn't.
  3. Hi there! Your RP, Tales of Amn, I thought was good enough to be an example of what RPs on Onrpg should look like, so I stickied it. It'll be up there for a while. Keep up the good work! I'll notify other people in the RP so they don't think it has disappeared when they look for it in its usual place.
  4. I most definitely will ^^.
  5. just keep up the good rping! :{D
  6. Thank you! I'm honored ^^.
  7. Hi, your RP Happy Home has been made a Hot Topic in the RPing forum!
  8. Thank you. Haha, who would've guessed that the first RP I join would get to be Hot Topic?
  9. The RP you're in has been made a Hot Topic.
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