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  1. Yikes, and here I still am, probably stuck for another 5-6 years of studying, unless my memory is completely falling apart. Anyhow, I probably asked this before but did you know how Amn would end? Just the general idea of it I mean, can be a bit difficult to be exact when there's a bunch of other people throwing their characters in.

    Still, I just hate the idea of a story unfinished so hence the question^^.
  2. Well it's much easier to respond when you see the message you got. Maybe that's why you answered here and not in my visitor messages ^^. Yeah I loved RPing with all of you. I think I'll check in every now and then too. Like once or twice a month if I remember. You never know if the others end up doing the same at some point. Would be fun to know how everyone is doing and what's happened in their lives. As for myself I'm finally finishing my university studies next year.
  3. Why in the world do I answer you in my own visitor messages? Anyhow, frequent is a strong Word for me, mostly realised I should check what happened with the rest of you, cause no matter how it ended I had a fun time with you guys. That being said I check here for replies from time to time, on another note, man I'm regretting not saving Fieryfly's christmas videos now.
  4. The whole RP section was deleted I'm afraid. Then again I'm not suprised since there was next to zero activity there. I doubt anyone really logs on anymore ^^. I kind of lost my passion for RPing which was kinda obvious but I just refused to admit it. Looks like you still frequent here so I thought I'd throw in a message. It's been such a long time since I last visited this place.
  5. Hmm, did the group get deleted?
  6. Any problem if I take temporarily control of Cirno for my post?

    Edit: well too late to stop me now. Not that it really mattered though "shrugs".
  7. Hehe yeah I already done that:P I tend to take a sneak peak here and there from time to time to see if anythings fun going on. Like new rps^^
  8. Alright, Moratorium's version stays then ^^. It's good things worked out well.

    Yeah, the new RP I'm working on is pure fantasy ^^. It's called Amn and you're more than welcome to use your new character in it. If you want to know some more of it, check out lokuri's visitor messages. I even cooked up a small version of the world map there ^^.
  9. Nah after I read moratoriums post I think I decline. It was after all a bit of how I thought it would turn up, Bazil starting messing around and then they're getting killed. Plus he made it flow pretty nicely so I let moratoriums version stay. They're not that unsimiliar in any case.

    On another note I heard you're making a new fantasy rp Sounds great, been waiting for an old fashioned fantasy one so I can test out a character I grew a liking too^^.
  10. No, scratch that what I said ^^. if you want to do the ending for Basil yourself then go ahead. Moratorium will just delete the part that includes Basil so that you can make your own. So will you do it?
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