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  1. i might play later, gonna play a possible shitty game to cheer myself up.
  2. Buck up bucko! You're the best! D:
    Also, I'll totally fight zombies wiff you if I can manage to perk you up!
  3. for the sake of keeping it a secret, i'll pm you my hotmail shiz
  4. ...I didn't get anything. D: I could add you I guess. o-o

    Buuut thank yew for the heads up.
  5. Also, accept my friend request on msn
  6. Cannon spike if i remember correctly doesn't work too well on the emu, that's why i burned a selfboot copy.
  7. !! Must..go emulate..
  8. Cannon spike is what ye are thinking of.

    i've only played scarlet weather rhapsody, it was ok, but i'll stick with Valkyrie Fight Tag.
  9. I remember playing through this one top down on dreamcast..but I can't for the life of me remember the name. It was simple and everything, but way too much fun.

    Also also, have you tried the Touhou fighters?
  10. i love top downs, smash tv is one of my favorite arcade games.
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