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  1. shade wanted to prove you that string edits are possible in dnf ._. i saw him open it with notepad myself but you don't seem to be on =o he wanted you see it but oh well lols
  2. uncle~! uncle~~~ i feel my tailbone!! EEEEP~~~~ help >_____________<!?!!? what do i do what do i do eeeeeeeeeeeeek im getting a tail ewwwwwwwww no way eeeeeeeeeeep~!!!!! >.<

    im scared~! im not ready for thiiiiiiiis?~!?! >0< I WANT WINGS FIRST - no wait have tail = higher % of having wings *dances*
  3. watchu outwo foru da bountay haunters coz dey leik t0t4aly1!2121 honts for weredogs and leik t0 maek monaiey kk? o.o
  4. oh and wearwolf wont wear underwears = so imbala
  5. ow me legs halp bite him balls off plox mah organz owiz
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