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  1. LOL /10char
  2. Aight!

    Nice name btw
  3. Tell me your ign and add me on skype:
    HONID: SpankMePlz`
  4. We should play some HON, since its free now. ^^
  5. Add my new email.
  6. You make me jealous with ur drawing skills. ^^

    I hope everything is working for ya in Europe and am glad to hear form you!!
  7. Heeey, well kyle and richardo still play, but i've been europe for the past 5 months and wont be back till june, so you'll have to find them D:

    but I did get a tablet here in eu so if ya ever need something drawn, im here.

    missed ya kid!
  8. Hey crazy!

    Is AVN still alive?

    because i missed playing with you guys.

  9. you a pew pew lookin *** nigga
  10. I'm down like James Brown
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