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  1. What exactly is going on with yer signature there?
  2. Anytime dude, enjoy!
  3. Thanks for that deals site link in some thread you posted. I totally just got a whole box of Dutch Masters for $5 haha.
  4. y u no psn? :c
  5. Hey, your Walmart link is borked so you might wanna edit this one into the OP: . Its got links and pictures and stuff, they just waited to get the OK from Walmart so they wouldn't get super sued over it haha. Good luck getting some deals!
  6. Haha, one of my favorite scenes. :P

    One dog goes one way, one dog goes the other way.

    I lol'd.
  8. Hes stenciling skills are ****ING INCREDIBLE.

    I'm sitting here, proud of my 2 layers...he has like 10 haha. And they always come out so clean, with underspray. I wish I knew how he did that.
  9. thanks :P

    some of banksy's best work.
  10. Man I ****ing LOVE your signature :O
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