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  1. No no I'am just a wizzard who can read your mind Nah, it was luck. You do me a big favor with this vid. Big thx oister
  2. LOL! Boy are you in luck or what!? I'm going to that store tomorrow! Hahahah perfect timing bro!~ I should have a video by like Monday at the very latest
  3. hey oister! i rlly need your recipe soon or are you still busy? We wanna make some riot punch for a special party cause i just moved to my friend ^^
  4. Lol the stuff actually came out better than I could have ever hoped for last time. I've got some other projects and am busy with the holiday, but I promise I haven't forgotten ya And yeah I'ma mod now :3
  5. wow, you are a mod now? or is this a vip rank? (thought they have changed some colors)
    gz! So...I still wait for your video
  6. Haha. My friend Htown bought a different brand than we used to buy, and hes mixing it up now. It almost seems better, so if its better I'll just use the new brand.
  7. Hehe nice to hear that. Its ok if you need some time cause you do me a big favor with your vids
  8. They don't sell the stuff anymore so I've gotta order online. Ugh. Its gonna take longer than I thought but I didn't forget about you lol.
  9. Trust, I didn't forget. I didn't get paid until today at about 3, then I have to drive about an hour to the store to get the special yeast (I could have just got it online, but I have to go to that store for a whole bunch of stuff). And the project starts Saturday. Then it takes about 7 days to brew, then a few more to settle in bottles, then a few more to be ready to drink. Prolly 2 weeks for the whole process, but I can make more than 1 video :P
  10. Hey dude! How is it going? allready working on the riot punch vid? hope you dont forget about me
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