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  1. the problem is that i am stuck in the middle ... i got no good dps gear and my healing gear is wotlk mainly ^^ but i am getting there bit by bit
  2. Yeah, I think you can buy the entry-level Cataclysm raid gear from the Justice vendor now, and current with Valor. Your best bet if you don't mind longer queue's is to do dungeons as dps, just to get your Justice built up a bit for when you hit 85.
  3. Yep got a bit scared ... Since it was quite hard to heal in out dated gear ... Mp was always empty but then i noticed that you can buy quit a lot from rep vendors
  4. Shadow gear doesn't really have any spirit on (Or very little), which you need a lot of for Disc and especially Holy. The only thing Shadow uses Spirit for is to reach spell hit cap (17%) but past that it's useless.

    Yeah, healing is very hard at that level because quest gear between 80-85 is horrible, and the stats are totally messed up on them. Once you hit 85 and get a bit of gear (333+) it should be a lot easier for you.
  5. Hey man i got an question bout Priests ... If i lvl as shadow does the same gear fit for late discipline or holy priest ? ...

    I am quite confused since i tried an dungeon run today with my 84 lvl shamman and it srsly sucked the whole healing ... the mp depleeting i guess its cuz of wotlk gear ^^
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