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  1. Add ravagingBULLET
  2. That's waaay too low.

    i posted a video on the screen shot thread so you could get a picture of higher sensitivity.
  3. I play at 3 sensitivity and I get smoked easily
  4. yea, i played on 7 and when I went to 10 i got fast enough to smoke people before they can even pull there guns up.
  5. Eh, I'm the kind of person that plays with insanely low sensitivity, but does okay sometimes. I'll try that tomorrow because there's a event in dfo xd
  6. Turn your sensitivity to 10 and play till you can aim faster than people can react.

    add me on live and ill talk to you there about this. too lazy to type, GT is the same as my forum name.
  7. Could you give me any tips on black ops? I play on xbox and I'm pretty bad D: I started playing like a week ago.
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