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  1. Sometimes, it's really embarrasing seeing onrpgers talk about level cap or whine about grind / stamina system when they don't play enough in the first place, it's like they want a short cut to max level when that's just boring.

    "hey i want to get to the top of the mountain could you lift me there with a helicoptor? but i aint paying kthxbai"
  2. Koreans don't seem to like her though "wtf long legs, ew" :/
  3. I love your blade and soul char loli so adorable
  4. the kssn.exe works? well thats good news except it isn't really worth it anymore xD
  5. Apparently no need for a kssn when registering anymore its a perm acc but eventually you'll have to put one in they accept generated ones once again.
  6. what is the new method for nexon?
  7. xD I'm sure it was alot of work. And thanks for the info on Anais I was quite interested in her just the lag and the Language barrier made me not wanna go back as much.
  8. Helped Darksin with tutorial (he hasn't even started) yay, now i can sleep in peace! xD
  9. yes, webdoala is popular. Anais De Caril the Bear girl is such an adorable character, it drew many attention and brought many oldies back to the game if they have quit.

    Bears arn't the only familiars she can handle, she has Destruct Spirits and Protect Spirits
    Destruct spirits can use special aoe skills and their normal attacks are aoe while Protect Spirits specialize in 1v1 with quick and powerful attacks.

    What makes her special is that you need to create three Anais to try all styles because you can only raise Bear / Destruct / Protect depending on your style (however you can also change your style from Clad Reset Npc located near North east exit but you need to gather items after 2nd reset.)

    She is the reason i started but i chose the wrong character.. Oops! *flips tables*

  10. Black dragon recolored just came out
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