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  1. OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT SET FROM ELSWORD? doesn't look like black dragon
  2. Flyff 2 looks pretty nice! glad i digged through the screenshot thread to see the video
  3. nice find on the video, she looks very young and cute but the teddy summon is not really my kind of thing..
  4. Now I feel bad didnt see that at all.
  5. you can go straight to the theif class change room by talking to the theif instructor on newbie grounds.. hehe;;
  6. some people think kogmaw is unkillable, i wonder why.. he's very squishy but maybe they never killed one before
  7. I do not want to know where that signature is from, it's so wrong and armpits
  8. the one with morrigans butt sticking way out is old :P rest are new
  9. isn't that mabinogi 2 art a bit old? lol
  10. find said file that the mod is in and just delete them patcher will repatch the missing file removing the mod.
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