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  1. DiMiTri
  2. Dude I was gonna ask if you and your girl were still together. That's a bummer man, but friends are good to help. Oh yeah man you ever hear about DMT?
  3. Soul searchin'. Lost the girly, using the opportunity to learn from my good friends Dimitri and Lucy, if'n you know what I mean.
  4. Hhaha yep! I'm back. How've you been, man?
  5. Good, good! I was just looking through the You Laugh You Lose thread, and saw you on the first few pages. I was like D: :C I MISS SHOWY!

    But here you are :3
  6. Yeah! My girlfriend and I moved and we finally got internet and cable ^^
  7. Long time no see! :O!~
  8. Where you at lately mang?
  9. Wow man! Thats done really well :O
  10. Thought you might enjoy a beautiful piece of art.

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