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  1. Left you a shout on!
  2. I always listen to Takemitsu or Morton Feldman when I read. Their music feels very light and beautiful
  3. Yes! Toru Takemitsu is a genius. I haavvveee to watch it soon. So much amazing art, so little time!
  4. Woman in the Dunes is tied as my #1 movie of all time with Eros + Massacre. The book is great as well but it's the kind of story that is perfect to translate on the screen into a work of art.
  5. Ooh Woman in the Dunes! I haven't read / watched it, but I've read Kobo Abe's Box Man. That one was good too!
  6. Tokyo Story and Maborosi are the ones that jump out at me right now, so I'll watch those first.
  7. Which one are you getting?
  8. Hahahaha, Fight Club for the old, that's excellent. Alright, will check those out. Thanks!
  9. Just saw Kurosawa's Ikiru. Incredible film, moved me to tears and that song... just so beautiful.

    I was wondering if you had any films to recommend in that same vein? Existentialism, melancholy and yearning for purpose...
  10. Hahaha, indeed. Sounds like it's gonna be a really fun night, wish I could be there. Boris makes everything awesome.
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