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  1. Oh really. That's why then, I've never really listened to Sonic Youth. Been meaning to forever.
  2. Oh! Lee Ranaldo is the guitarist in Sonic Youth, alongside Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and Steve Shelley.
  3. Can't believe I've never heard of this guy before. This sounds great! Thanks a lot.
  4. Definitive 90's sad music. One of my favourites, thought you might like them.
  5. I have never even heard of this band! I like their sound, though.
  6. Cool! I love smooth hip-hop remixes. The contrast between the piano and the fresh beats is great.
  7. does your location have anything to do with people under the stairs?
  8. Oh God it's like $30, but free shipping within the U.S.
  9. Very cool. I just might get one. Thanks for the heads up!
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