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  1. does your location have anything to do with people under the stairs?
  2. Oh God it's like $30, but free shipping within the U.S.
  3. Very cool. I just might get one. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. No price yet, but I think it's probably going to be $17 like the other vinyl in their store. Not more than $20, I'm pretty confident of that. They're quite reasonable when it comes to price.
  5. I am interested. Is there a price somewhere? I'm kind of tight right now.
  6. Deathconsciousness vinyl pre-orders going up in a day. Print of 500. Thought you might be interested.
  7. Slick video to the tunes of Flying Lotus ft. Thom Yorke. I think you'll like it!
  8. Oh man, sorry to get back to you so late about that Evidence video. I did enjoy it very much, thank you for sharing! Good vibes, man.
  9. ohh man you're gonna dig this
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