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  1. you can leave me your name or just add the chars in my signature to your friends list and wait for me to come online so you can pm me
  2. thx u alot for answer me the questions how can i find u in game? hope i can be on the guild and thx again
  3. 1) we are around 20 people online in the guild
    2) yes i'm still playing
    3) yes i have a guild
    4) we have a guildforum with guides for that and i'm not planning to answer each and every question you can answer yourself through guides or googling
    5) no i'm from germany
    6) yes i can
    7) no, not yet
    8) you have to wait till after the first reset until you can delete characters
  4. hi hope u can answer me how many people play low population of people? on Arad Senki and u still playing ?? u have guild i play there can u help me? and can u answer me some questions? plz? Are u from JP ? u can pvp? is posible to make a male Fighter? and why i cant delete the characters i cant creat an othr :S hope u can answer me the questions and thx alot.
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