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  1. Pretty cool to see someones actually interested on my progress with it seems when i make a thread about my love-life and stuff like that i just get flames and "Y DO U POST DIS HERE!?!"

    So far its actually been pretty good but i havent "progressed" with her other words, i still havent gone anywhere with her yet. i invited her 2 times and both times she had to stay and baby sit her sisters
    but i do talk to her on the phone a lot. just friday we talked for about 23 minutes which is a good improvement in my consideration. I found out shes a model, she participated in the pageants and stuff and is in a modeling/fashion thing in my school so i was really interested to hear wat she had to say and ask her how she likes it and stuff. and of course complimenting her as i go..

    the only prob still is that she tends to sit next to that same kid on the bus sumtimes...but when she sits in the aisle seat we do talk.
  2. How's it going with Jing-Jing?
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