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  1. a chick hat and rage trifecta blow >:O OPSMELL
  2. its so pricy, i don't think i'll gather that much in short time v.v
  3. its a decent price, ice picks average around 14mil, there currently one being vended for that price. if you dont already know about it, then use it when buying and selling stuff so you dont get ripped off.
  4. aw, thats too bad >w< anyway i have my first set of screenshots up, maybe i'll go smack metalings since i dont have a icepick and they suggest you to do so.. i need to make a merchant so i can have a discount on potions 1200 zenies? really? >.>

    on a side note i saw a +4 ice pick for 16m zeny in eden hideout, cheap? or no
  5. ah nice nice, n too bad ima bow stalker, else i'd have an icepick lol, only got bows, my ign is Unreal, i'll try cacth ya on sometime.
  6. NaiI, lv.63 already xD found a new small guild and two of them are americans living in korea. nobody is selling icepick on this server, i need one to train quickly because i can't always borrow their stuff >.<
  7. niiice, you'll enjoy ymir alot more., no lag, barely any bots and no spammers.
    whats ya ign?
  8. YES FREE 3 DAY VIP YIPEE!!! made character there, too bad there weren't free transfers QQ

    on the bright side i haven't been playing valkyrie because the game failed to connect for me whenever i tried to login with correct password, it works when i try like four times now so its better than before though. hehe ^w^
  9. i have sudden regrets of taking a break for almost a month, i should have bugged you before you left my heart
  10. yeah i was on valkyrie, transfer'd to ymir tho, sorry lol T_T must be lonely in valk.
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