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  1. where the oraigin at x_x
  2. solol........
  3. Kisama ha dare?
  4. ban ip nana ban to the ban for bananas *teeth*
  5. ip ban ban babababanbanban banbanbanbnanb nanananbanbanban? thx
  6. I've decided I'm gonna settle down and play Elsword until school starts, wanna play with me?
  7. Life is boring ^_^
  8. I haven't played for like a week now tired of rogue only played her for the clothes and wow rogues are boring and i dont really want other characters
  9. I'm glad you were able to play. I'm gonna find something to play with a leap of faith.
  10. just tried vip server and it was okay, no botters but the servers weren't "that" stable its still okay, i just wish i had flying evil wings xD im NaiI in game hehe
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