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  1. I couldn't find something to stick to..but I guess battlemage is all I can do for now.
    So sad that I didn't buy a mage event set package when they were still selling them..
  2. battlemages are so tempting... i almost want to move to america just to play her lol
  3. ugh, the dnf patcher... too... fast-nyan @w@
  4. i played it and it got old fast it wasn't as rewarding as i thought it was >.<! internet adapter was cut off.. v_v
  5. should i play spiral knights now D; i have the time and the game is small but something is holding me back! ><
  6. Lapis, played it because i saw many people waiting for an english release.
  7. Eh? What game? D:
  8. im starting to lose my interest in this one korean game everyone want published in america.. found out it wasn't such a great game to be published lol.

    though if the community lives i guess it will be a strong game. :o
  9. Jeeps! i'm occupied with another game so i can't play Spiral Knights but you Peeps keep draining me into it >0<;;
  10. i like to nom on ears :3 though those candy hairs mmm D:
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