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  1. im done with ragnarok, not worth my time. the game is filled with selfish merchants hogging all the items and i hate that.

    i haven't been playing anything but i think im going to play this game doesnt have a trade system and its pretty fun and no pay to win either
  2. still playing RO or have you found a new mmo ?
  3. i just realized that i really like my avatar so yellowy and cuuuuuute

    what do you play now? im playing ragnarok in chaos server, sucks i cant purchase wpe for that cheap costume butterfly wing ears rofl and yeah its less motivating without gears but im a Ranger :3
  4. Well I never knew u addea me. ><
  5. never see you on xfire!
  6. duero26 is my Xfire nick ^^
  7. anything ellse u use then ?? or ellse I get a new Xfire acc hehe
  8. dont use that lol
  9. ahh well I donīt use Xfire anymore but steam I use Crim_yeager24 shall be my steam name
  10. im talking something like xfire aka chat messenger xD
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