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  1. Damn! Too bad.
    Well, let me know when you have a webcam.
  2. i had one not too long ago but i got rid of it since i was barely online n had nobody to webcam with lol
  3. Hahahahaha.
    That would be fun. Nah, but seriously..
    I miss you dude. Do you have a webcam now?
  4. lol im too lazy to change it!....and im barely on onrpg when you guys make a stickam so i can never catch one.....hopefully one day i can get you to do a backflip while eating a banana then ill set that as my avatar lol
  5. You need to change your avatar, it's old.
    If you join one of our stickams (if they ever make another stickam),
    you might get a new one!
  6. Haha, well it took you some time. You should get us a new webcam chat (since you're the pro, heheh), that used to be fun, now I rarely speak to the people from onrpg. ><
  7. im its your turn to be online! lol
  8. Be online. : (
  9. zymbabwe i miss ya too but im never online to talk to anyone anymore lol sowwy...ill try to be online more often
  10. Wiseguy.
    I miss you! : (
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