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  1. I assume this has been taken care of?
  2. (few sentences, lefos saying things. Now dont get me wrong, I dont mind this at all and Lefos is a great guy, and don't give him a warning because of this, this is merely something to show you as an example but this is basically the same. So dont make exceptions, and as you can see this isn't worth an infraction as well so why is mine). (He calls me gay, its in dutch so you don't understand it but if we're going to be like this. I feel offended. Might have been a joke right? I feel offended now.

    What drawns the line? As I said I think the normal members just have to take the hits sometimes if we arent even allowed to joke in the same way some moderators do.
  3. Like I said, I dont care about the infraction. The point is that it isnt an infraction worth at all, I can understand a warning and even that is a bit weird since it was only a joke, but yeah I am pretty sure he won't be able to sleep tonight. I understand I got banned in the chatbox my message might have been inappriopate as well, but if we can't even joke like this even more but the moderators can joke/(flame as you put it) to us, then i don't really am sure what we are allowed to say. I guess members just have to take hits I guess?
  4. oh next time just pm about it, bit inappropiate to talk in the public about this.
  5. how long is it?
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