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  1. Uhm...

    Good question..

    Might have been on GFWL.

    I don't even have my Xbox hooked up these days.
  2. CIngal I saw you on xbox live a few weeks ago and I thought "That's weird Cingal is never on xbox live" so I thought I'd ask you about it on OnRPG and I'm just now remembering to do it so why were you on xbox live?
  3. Because I never got the prompt!

    We tend to call American Muffins by what their flavour is.

    "Chocolate Chip muffin".

    "Blue Berry Muffin".

    It's obvious that these aren't the English variety of muffin.
  4. So... are american muffins... called american muffins?

    I am baffled by these new learnings.

    (I posted this on my own page like.. three days ago and wondered why you never responded)
  5. They're called Muffins!

    And Crumpets are this!

  6. .. What are english muffins called in England?

    Are they... crumpets?

  7. "Pancakes" are used to describe tradition pancakes, which are like French Crepes.

    "American pancakes" are, American pancakes, and yes, we have them!
  8. Do you have pancakes in merry old England?

    Or do you call them griddle cakes.

    .. Or perhaps flapjacks.
  9. No, I have plenty of whores lapping at my feet, I don't need another one.
  10. Jealous of the bond Groteske and I share?
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