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  1. Pm me info's
    Like e-mail
    Full real name and stuff, birth date... etc.. So i can make you your account

  2. Thanks. <3
  3. I will try at school for you, the IP is diferent there so perhaps it will work.
  4. Yeah registered like few days ago, when i try to login says wrong or invalid id/pw .. >> and i made 2 sets of accounts
  5. I can't... Gamersfirst is weird on my Pc...

    I just brought gold tho, and it was hard.. as hell getting it.
  6. could oyu make me an account if thats not too much trouble for you :S
  7. Thats alright i got problems with account anyway.
  8. Um,... sure but I'm at school atm and till... like half 6...
  9. Awesome wanna help me?
  10. I play on Illier
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