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  1. wow. rood.
  2. nothx dograt doesn't like u
  3. i mean i'm very close to hitting 5'2". pls send dog/rat pls.
  4. Wat do u mean by almost 5'2".. u r not growing anymore shorty. And he's fine, he got a haircut and loOKs like a big rat thing now though
  5. shutup i am 5'1" almost 5'2", and how on earth am i a kidnapper!?!??!

    u rood alaskan. btw, how is that puppy of urs?!?!!? can i pls has. vancouver so lonely. idk anyone here. pls send puppy pls.
  6. 5 foot kidnapper u r
  7. u dunno me eithurrrrrrrrrrr heuheuauhauhueahueauhauhauhaahhah
  8. udunno me ee
  9. it ain't rood when it's da troof..
  10. And yeah I forgot u were a shorti
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