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  1. >.> tis confusing
    lol facebook commenting system is odd =/
    I wish I could go to bed that early D: nighty night
  2. Lol fail
    Dunno, facebook I guess? >_> Cus I'll still get the notification if you somewhat reply on your page as well.
    Anyway I is off o: Nighty night my fellow asian jafa.
  3. ooo I see =O
    Came here when I was 1 lol
    I'm pretty hardcore asian I guess, I play mmos and read manga
    Is there an easier way to reply because I keep posting comments on my own page
  4. Yep. That makes me even moar whitewashed!
    Wbu? o:
  5. lol, not much scary islanders here :P
    were you born in NZ? o.o
  6. Well they are, to the rest of the world. Them jafas just refer to them as the scary islanders. ;o;
    & Dunno, good thing I guess? But since I'm so whitewashed, I have no idea D8
  7. fobs are islanders and maoris? o.o thought they were asians xD
    anyway asians taking over is a good or bad thing for you o.o
  8. . . Fresh Off the Boat. The islanders & Fresh Out the Bush for Maoris. xD
  9. join the club >.>
    FOBs? are those just chinese guys lol
    Yea I agree, asian pride :P
  10. Not really. Yay for being whitewashed. o 3o
    And no lol. My area's filled with those scary FOBs. Loleastside.
    Asians are still taking over though. S l o w l y . .
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