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  1. Bryan I exit xfire by accident and now the scene is gone........... GET ONLINE AND SEND ME AGAIN GOD DAMN
  2. I want a sorry cake.
  3. What is the best singleplayer game you played?
  4. You made me quit Fallen Earth. >: (
  5. So here I am just typing here something that shouldnt belong here but I dont really care since you are The Rock and must pay as playing a Toothfairy, ironic isnt it? What am I typing wtf lol?
  6. GOODBAI ROCKIE, if my plane crashes this is my last message... then youre free and you can go out of my basement..........
  7. smhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. Thats all folks!
  9. it's kristen stewart noob
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