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  1. umm Happy Birthday... am I too late? :o will you forgive me?
  2. Stop talk talk talking like bla bla bla

    boredz X_X
  3. Bryan marry me and tell me how APB is when youre playing ;o
  4. Whatever I want. Yep, OnRPG + Blackberry = win. :P
  5. Yo Bryan.. still onrpgaddicted? What mmo are ya playing mate?
  6. GET yer Rock *** on xfire!
  7. You remind me of someone..

    Hi.. How ya doing?
  8. Mr Ignore :[ Youre probably playing AION by now.. greedy Bryan
  9. oh... and it starts on my birthday.. :O So just give me a 1hour gift kthxbai
  10. PLEASE let me try it on your account for 1hour when you are asleep... I just quit AoC because I want to play this but want to know if its worth it :O I beg you (: Ill even send you some dutch bacon! /beglike9yearoldkidoff
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